A GUITARIST who was forced to give up playing after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is hosting a live music event.

Andy Fiore was diagnosed with MS in 2010.

Sadly one of his symptoms was paraesthesia of the lower arms and hands, stopping him from playing the guitar.

After his diagnosis he was directed to the MS Society and discovered MS-UK.

To thank the charity for its support he is hosting Virtuosity in aid of MS-UK.

Andy, from Colchester, said: “I also have the MS symptoms of chronic fatigue, poor memory and cognitive problems, meaning I can come across as slow and disorientated.

“The best description of my MS symptoms I’ve heard is it’s like a man sitting at the body’s controls and sensors in my head, which is powered by a faulty battery.

“The battery is fully charged first thing in the morning but may decay at any rate for the rest of the day. One thing that will never leave me is my love of quality music and I decided to set about organising my first live event a couple of years ago.

“I called it Virtuosity in aid of MS-UK as it featured three of the best musicians I’d ever played with - Chris Allard, Ramon Goose and Daryl Kellie.

“I also donated all profits to MS-UK as a thank you for their services to me.”

Since then he was inspired to host as second event and this will be the third Virtuosity gig.

He said: “I discovered the MS-UK charity by searching the web and as luck would have it, its head office just happened to be down the road at the Hythe in Colchester.

“The MS-UK premises also boasts a fully equipped wellness studio and I began using the specialist disabled gym facilities under the guidance of their physiotherapist.

“Attending the MS-UK gym also promotes friendship with people in a similar MS state, although each sufferer’s symptoms are unique.

“In addition to all of this, MS-UK has a helpline staffed by fully qualified people with direct experience of MS.

“With this wealth of MS related help practically on my doorstep, what’s not going to make me want to raise a few pounds to help them?”

The event will run from 7.30pm until 11pm on September 28 at Wivenhoe Bowls Club in Woodland Way.

Tickets are £10 and can be bought from the Wivenhoe Book Shop or on the door.