MEMBERS of Colchester’s Labour Party have backed a motion calling for the party to set its sights on a new public vote on Brexit... and asked the party to campaign for to remain in the EU.

The town’s constituency Labour party (CLP) has voted to support a motion, which will go forward to Labour’s annual conference in Brighton, backing a potential People’s Vote and asking the party’s leadership to set out a “clear Brexit policy”.

The motion states: “Conference notes that the vast majority of Labour members and Labour voters oppose Brexit.

“The Labour Party cannot go into a General Election without a clear Brexit policy.

“Our policy must reflect members’ overwhelming support for a public vote on any Brexit settlement.

“That public vote should give voters a clear binary choice between any Brexit settlement and remaining within the European Union.

“Since any form of Brexit threatens jobs, workers’ rights, migrants, the NHS, public services and the environment, Labour will campaign for Remain in that binary public vote.”

Colchester Labour’s chairwoman Elisa Vasquez-Walters said a number of policy areas had been debated at the meeting but Brexit was one of the most important.

She added: “The Brexit motion got chosen to go conference which I think is indicative of how unhappy people are with the current Government’s handling of the negotiations and the concern around the rapidly approaching date for departure.”

Tina McKay, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Colchester, said: “I’m delighted our CLP has endorsed the party’s policy to campaign for Remain against a no-deal or damaging Tory Brexit.

“Now we need a General Election so we can put our policies to the electorate and allow voters to choose our next PM.”

This year’s annual Labour Party Conference takes place in Brighton next month.

Dozens of CLPs across the country are set to submit similar motions calling for the party to publicly back a second vote on Brexit.