THE funeral has held for a brother and sister who died after getting into difficulty in the sea off Clacton.

Haider Shamas, 18, and his sister Malika, 14, from Luton, were enjoying a day by the sea with their family when they got into difficulty in the water close to West Greensward.

Despite the best efforts of passersby, lifeguards and paramedics, who performed CPR on her, Malika was pronounced dead at Colchester Hospital.

Haider died of pneumonia, brain damage and drowning two days later.

Now the siblings’ uncle Majid Riaz has shared photos of the teenager’s coffins from their funeral.


Flowered lettering placed on the coffins spelt out the teenagers’ names.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral, which took place at Luton Central Mosque.


Their father, Shamas Riaz, told ITV News he is “shocked and sad” following the death of his children.

He added: “They were beautiful. I miss them.”

The family has criticised the lack of signs warning of the dangers of the sea and Tendring Council’s leader Neil Stock has pledged to take any steps necessary steps to help prevent further fatalities along the coastline.

The tragedy comes just over a year after Ben Quartermaine, 15, from Clacton, died after getting into difficulty in the sea off Clacton Pier.

Clacton MP Giles Watling called for more of an effort to get the message out that the sea can be dangerous.

“We’ve had another tragedy on our lovely seafront and, of course, our first thoughts are with the victims and their families,” he said.

“An investigation is underway and we will get a full report so it would not be appropriate to make a judgement yet but, after the tragic death of Ben Quartermain last year, it is incumbent on us to look for answers.

“What can be done, and in my view must be done, is to make more of an effort to get the message out that the sea, rivers, lakes and pretty much all waterways are potentially dangerous.”