A WARDEN helped an elderly woman who has knocked down by a group of boys on bikes.

Heather Silk was stopped by a 74-year-old woman at Akhurst Court in West Mersea.

The pensioner had been walking along Melrose Road when she was knocked off the path.

Heather said: “The lady thinks there were four boys, all on bikes.

“She was walking on the path when these boys rode past her and knocked her off the path.

“She called out to them and the boy in front said ‘You were in the way’.

“The boy at the back said they had been racing each other.”

The elderly woman was able to get up and walk to Akhurst Court retirement homes, where she was due to visit that morning.

As warden for the building, Heather cleaned her face and hand.

Heather said: “She had cuts on her nose and grazes on her forehead, also her fingernail had gone through her finger.

“I didn’t need to call an ambulance and she didn’t want the police called.

“She was able to get home after having a cup of coffee and some cake.”

Heather warned other residents in Mersea to be vigilant after the incident.