Prime Minister Boris Johnson certainly appears to be a divisive figure.

And it’s the same for one young band from Colchester called The Verdicts, who have written a song about the country’s new leader.

You Believe is the debut single from the indie punk outfit, who are all students, or former students, at Stanway School.

The five-piece are made-up of Archie Chapman (lead vocals), Archie Storrar (drums), Harry Munson (bass), Fin Dyer (guitars) and Albie Baxter (guitars).

Archie says: “We started off just playing covers, mainly by bands such as Green Day and Blink 182, but were writing songs soon after that.

“The writing is usually me and Fin or me and Archie and we take our inspiration from all kinds of bands right back to The Sex Pistols and Clash to more modern groups like The Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys.”

For their debut release features Conservative leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


  • Boris Johnson

Harry says: “Archie and I are kind of at opposite ends of the political spectrum, one of us is left, the other right, and we’re always having arguments about what’s going on, and I suppose this song came out of that.”

Frustrated about not having a political say themselves, the 15 and 16 year-olds said they found writing the song liberating.

Archie says: “I just sat down and started writing some lyrics before I took it to the band.

“I suppose I wanted to write about how I thought the Government wasn’t really doing anything about the current situation with Brexit and it went from there.”

The band recorded the song with producer Tom Donovan at his studio in Rowhedge.

“Tom was amazing,” Archie continues.

“We’re all huge fans of his band Monster Florence and along with other bands such as Rubber Jaw, there’s a lot of great bands for us younger groups to look up to.”