A WIFE whose husband died from prostate cancer is calling for a screening programme which she says would save lives.

Terry Mulvey lost his battle with prostate cancer on July 29, aged 62.

His wife Louise, from Colchester, believes he may still be alive today had there been a screening programme for men aged over 50.

She said: “Terry went to his GP in August 2015 at the age of 56 because he was urinating more frequently. His GP told him all men do so as they get older and to come back if things got worse.

“After taking him to A&E and various tests later, in February 2016, he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer which had already escaped to his pelvis.

“We knew that meant it was not curable. Our life together and for our two children, aged 16 and 18, changed forever.”

Terry went through treatment as well as trials at Colchester Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital. He battled with dignity, not showing any signs of the pain he was going through.

He carried on working until March and was bed-bound for four days before dying at home surrounded by family.

Prostate cancer kills more than 11,600 men in the UK each year, accordingly to Prostate Cancer UK.

There is no screening programme for prostate cancer in the UK because it has not been proved the benefits would outweigh the risks.

There has also been controversy surrounding routinely screening men to check their prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels.

PSA tests are unreliable and can wrongly suggest prostate cancer.

Most men are offered an MRI scan before a biopsy to help avoid unnecessary tests.

More research is needed to see if the benefits of a screening programme would outweigh the harms.

Terry, who worked at Colchester Automatics in Elmstead Market, was a carrier of the faulty BRCA2 gene which develops more aggressive forms of cancer.

Louise said: “He was a true gentleman and the funniest man I have ever met. It is our shared sense of humour and great love that has kept us going through many dark days.”

Terry was especially proud of his children, Holly and Luke.

His funeral will take place at 11am on August 22 at St James the Less Church, Priory Street, Colchester.