A BUSINESS park is being ‘plagued’ by a gang of youngsters cycling dangerously, spitting and swearing at staff.

Companies at Angora Business Park in Stanway have been terrorised by a group of young boys since June.

The group started off small but has grown in size and business owners say they are concerned about the dangers to the youngsters and themselves.

Peter Adams, managing director at Select Drinks Limited, met with police yesterday.

He said: “It started happening around mid June and the gang was fairly small, about five or six kids.

“They all seem to be following this trend where they pull off a wheelie and try to navigate through as small a space as possible.

“They have come into the car park and it’s dangerous as we have heavy goods vehicles and couriers coming in all the time.”

He has confronted the group a number of times but says the abuse has got worse.

He said: “The group has got bigger, there is now about 20 of them and they are just terrorising people.

“We have St Helena Hospice here which has an elderly clientele and they are being put off coming.”

He first approached the gang in mid June after the landlord recommended he catch them on film.

Peter said: “There have been reports of them swearing and spitting at staff and they have even been cycling in stores. It’s just getting out of control.”

The business park is managed by Spire Group, and the estates manager has reported the gang to police at least three times.

Peter added: “They are cycling very close to cars and could easily lose control.

“They are just making a nuisance of themselves - there is litter, noise, and they will be here as long as the weather is good.”

The most recent report was logged with police on Tuesday.

The age range amongst the group is mixed but most are believed to be about 12 or 13 years old.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We’re investigating ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour and would ask anyone with information to call us on 101.”