POLICE are calling for a restaurant to have its licence revoked after a raid uncovered a trio of suspected illegal workers.

Immigration officers found three people working illegally at Turkish restaurant Mirra in Colchester High Street in June.

Colchester Council’s licensing sub-committee is set to decide whether to revoke the licence.

The documents, released ahead of the meeting, detail how three workers, found wearing Mirra uniforms, told officers they did not have permission to work in the UK.

Two of the workers said they had not shown documents ahead of starting work.

One worker “claimed he had not received any money as he was on trial” while the other two workers told officers they were paid but it was found to be below the minimum wage.

An officer spoke to the manager and was told right to work checks were sent to his accountant “but that could take a week to process”.

The report by Essex Police said: “Whether by negligence or wilful blindness, one or more illegal workers were engaged in activity on the premises, yet it is a simple process for an employer to ascertain what documents they should check before a person is allowed to work.

“Essex Police submits that for commercial reasons, those engaged in the management of the premises employed illegal workers and a warning or other activity falling short of a review is inappropriate.

“Essex Police asks that the premises licence is revoked.”

Restaurant boss Ismet Cam previously told the Gazette the people in question had given him false identification.

Permission for the restaurant was granted in 2016 and it replaced the family-run Bobby Swift bookmakers in the High Street.

Councillors will have to decide if a sanction is necessary.