HUNDREDS of residents have called for a “dangerous” road to be repaired.

Those living in King George Road, in Berechurch, call it the worst road in Colchester.

The road has been deteriorating for years and residents feel it is now too dangerous for cyclists to use.

Drivers are also having to negotiate around a maze of potholes.

Resident Mick Spindler with his wife, Catherine, have been collecting signatures from other residents calling on Essex County Council to take action.

Mick had contacted the county council asking it to repair King George Road, but was told its defects were not as serious as some others.

The council recorded the incident and said highways workers would go back to it at another time.

Mick said: “I cannot imagine other roads in Colchester being this bad, so I can only think there are no repairs ongoing by the county council, apart from filling potholes.

“One resident told me he had first reported the road for repair 18 years ago. The adage that Roman roads were better than what we have now is, in this case, very true.”

Councillor Martin Goss, Colchester’s Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, said it was clear from residents they wanted the road fixed.

He said: “There was solid support for roads on the King George estate to be repaired.

“Everyone called on immediately said yes, even grabbing anyone in their house to sign it too.

“With nearly 300 calling for the road to be repaired, Essex County Council must stop ignoring the wishes of the residents they serve and finally fix it to make it safe.”

The petition will be forwarded to Essex County Council.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “In common with hundreds of concrete roads across Essex, a thin layer of black asphalt was laid to seal the road and improve the look and smooth ride.

“Unfortunately now much of the thin asphalt layer is worn away.

“Although it may look unsightly in places, in general it is not a safety risk at all.

“There is one spot on King George Road where the concrete has cracked and is crumbling over a small area, which is logged as a defect and repairs are being planned.”

The Highways report said: “Our recent inspection of this issue has prioritised it as not as serious as some of the other defects we are aware of, so we have recorded it and will consider it when we are planning future works.”