A SECURITY guard was left with anxiety after being threatened by a knifeman who had left his child outside the store.

The 21-year-old guard, from Shoebury, saw the shoplifter walk into Sainsbury’s in West Street, Rochford, where he attempted to steal nearly £70 worth of salmon and steak fillets.

As the security guard attempted to question the culprit, he then pulled out a knife and threatened the guard.

Recalling the incident, he said: “I saw him park his bike up and leave his child outside, so I went inside to find him to tell him that he can put his bike inside so that his child didn’t have to wait outside on their own, but when I found him I saw him putting the fillets into his bag.”

The suspected thief walked to another aisle and the security guard, who does not wish to be named, challenged him by the door.

He said: “He handed over the fillets and said that was all he had, but I could see other items in the bag which I told him to hand over.

“That was when he pulled out a knife from his trouser pocket. He held it at his side, looked down at it and showed it to me, before he told me he was leaving.”

The guard said he was threatened by the man who then “barged” out of the shop”.

The security guard added: “It’s a busy store, so I wasn’t going to try and fight someone who is probably willing to stab me over some salmon fillets.

“When there are kids and members of the public around, it’s just not worth the risk.

“I told the manager what happened straight away, booked it onto the system, and then rang the police.”

Shortly after the knifeman left, the security guard felt the full impact of the incident.

He continued: “I’ve dealt with knives before, and was also robbed at gunpoint in Shoebury when I was 14.

“It was more afterwards that I was scared. At the time adrenaline is flooding through you and you just want to do your job.

“I’ve not long gone into retail security, so after going through this I was very anxious, especially when I had to walk to the bus stop in case I bumped into him.

“I was also constantly worrying for the rest of my shift that he’d come back.

“Eventually with the job you become numb to the fear.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “An incident took place at our Sainsbury’s Local store in Rochford on Thursday and we’re supporting the police with their investigation.”

Essex Police were contacted for comment. Anyone with information on the incident, on August 8 should call 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.