PARKING enforcers in Colchester are asking the Government to give them powers to issue tickets for obstructive parking.

The Government’s transport select committee held a national consultation looking at the problems surrounding footway parking.

The North Essex Parking Partnership, which enforces parking tickets in Colchester, responded to the consultation.

Parking on the footway may cause an obstruction and driving on a footway is unlawful meaning only police can take action.

The Government is being asked to consider if local authorities can be given powers to enforce sanctions against cars which have been parked causing an obstruction.

One of the options local authorities are lobbying for is to share the power with the police, so either authority could tackle the issue.

The issue was raised as there are concerns around emergency service vehicles being blocked or mums with pushchairs having to walk into the road to get around cars.

Local authorities are lobbying for an offence of obstructive parking to be decriminalised so it can be patrolled in the same way as other parking contraventions.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, chairman of the North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “With greater public awareness of these issues, I trust the Government will take note of the urgent need to change policy regarding obstructive parking.

“Whilst parking was decriminalised in Essex in 2003, obstructive parking was not.”

“Our experienced NEPP team now in place means our CEOs are as well trained as the police to issue tickets for obstructive parking as for any other offence, but only if the government decriminalises this offence.”

The partnership said there are some occasions where pavement parking could be appropriate, for example when there are narrow residential streets.