A puppy was named after a kangaroo because she hops around on her back paws - despite being born with SIX legs.

Roo, an eight-week-old Labrador-cross, jumps around on her back paws because she was born with two extra front legs, that cause her a little trouble when she walks.

Lauren Salmon, 33, bought Roo from breeders in Essex two weeks ago after her son Luke, 15, spotted the special pup online.

Lauren has now contacted Dr Noel Fitzpatrick - the specialist who stars in Channel 4’s ‘The Supervet’ - to see if he can help to improve Roo’s mobility, because her extra legs get in the way when she's walking.


The mum-of-four is now waiting to hear back from Dr Fitzpatrick after he reviews a report and pictures of Roo’s extraordinary legs.

Lauren said: “When she jumps up on us she looks like a kangaroo, hence the name.

“But when she walks, she sort of staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air, like an army crawl.

“It’s sad but it’s cute at the same time because she is so full of energy.”

Lauren’s vet was relieved when she asked her to refer Roo to The Supervet because she feared her owners would want the pup to be put down.

Lauren added: “We absolutely love Roo to pieces.

"She’s is just a normal dog to us - just with a couple of extra bits.

"Her special legs don't cause her any pain, and it's easy to see just how full of life she is.

"She's full of puppy energy, so we'd describe her as placid but playful.

“There are not many dogs like Roo out there.

"I think the breeders kill them off because they’re not worth anything, but to us she's priceless.”


When Luke and his mum went to collect Roo she came “bounding out” of her puppy pen and jumped up at the pair on her hindlegs.

Care worker Lauren, from Orpington, Kent, said: “It was love at first sight for Luke and for Roo from then on.

“Luke is like a protective father.

"They never leave each other’s sides and she even sleeps in his bed.”

Schoolboy Luke suffers from psoriasis and has been bullied because of the disorder which leaves the skin covered in flaky red patches.

Lauren added: “Luke feels like the odd one out because of his condition, and now he's got a best friend to match.

“I think Roo will reduce Luke’s stress and that should help his skin.”

The animal loving family also have a Jack Russell, two cats and two supersize French Lop rabbits at home.

At just eight weeks old, Roo is too young to go outside and meet the rabbits.

Lauren said when Roo finally goes out to play it will be “quite a sight” because the rabbits will “dwarf” the young pup.

After her injections, Roo’s first outing will be for a charity event at Lauren’s workplace.

The care worker said: “She will probably be the star attraction.

"Who would be able to walk by and resist her?”