URGENT calls have been made for road safety measures after a serious crash where a car flipped across the road.

Berechurch Hall Road in Colchester has been an accident blackspot for years.

Calls have been made to Essex Highways to introduce safety measures but a serious crash has sparked further concerns.

A resident living near Berechurch Hall Road said: “On Monday one car was overturned and catapulted across the road and landed in the hedge. Fire services had to cut passengers out.

“Three to four weeks ago there was another nasty accident involving two vehicles.

“A vehicle somersaulted and crashed into my wall. Four people were injured. Action needs to be taken.”

They added: “Last year there was another accident when a car was struck by another speeding car and somersaulted four times. Among the four people injured was a heavily pregnant woman.

“I believe a suitable course of action is to introduce a crossing to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely. Also a roundabout to slow down traffic.”

Ward councillor Dave Harris has contacted Essex Highways urging for action to be taken.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said the Colchester Local Highway Panel has commissioned speed surveys as a first step.

He said: “We have had recommendations as to the areas where speeding has been seen and so the surveys will take place there.

“These requests for traffic management improvements are now being put through the panel’s scheme validation process to see what, if any, feasible engineering solutions there are to the issues raised.

“Any collisions causing injury are to be regretted and we hope all those involved will make a speedy recovery.

“The speed limit has not changed on Berechurch Road and drivers must keep within it, with enforcement a matter for Essex Police.”