A PRE-SCHOOL has been told it requires improvement.

Langham Pre-School, in School Road, Langham, was rated in four areas.

While it was deemed good for two of those, its overall grade of requires improvement came after the categories of 'effectiveness and leadership' and children's 'personal development, behaviour and welfare' were deemed to need better outcomes.

Inspectors said staff were not keeping a written record each time medicine is administered to children and older children were not always fully challenged.

The report said managers and staff had recently changed the pre-school's policy on the administration of medication.

It said: "Parents of children who need regular and ongoing medication now sign an ongoing medication permission form rather than signing for this to be administered each time.

"This change has resulted in staff not keeping a written record of when the medication is administered each day.

"This is a breach of requirements and compromises children's well-being."

However, strengths included good partnerships with parents and that staff know the children well.

The report said the staff were aware of the children's likes, dislikes and interests and "work well with parents to establish a good knowledge of children's interests at home."

The pre-school has 31 children on the roll and was registered in 2017.

The Gazette contacted it for comment.