AN adventurous breast cancer survivor is set to trek 50 miles across the world’s highest mountain range to raise money for charity.

Nikki Collins, 46, was chosen out of more than 1,000 applicants to join Coppafeel’s Fabulous Challenge, where she will join 99 other women to traverse part of the Himalayan mountains in India.

Five years ago Mrs Collins was diagnosed with the deadly condition, which led her to dramatically change her life for the better.

Mrs Collins: “I found a lump myself at home, went to the doctor and seven days later I was told I had stage two breast cancer.

“I had to have surgery for a lump and they took some lymph nodes for tests.

“Then I had to go back two weeks after because they found another cancerous growth.

“I had radiotherapy and I am still on tablets to this day which regulate my hormones.

“Cancer is a life changing experience and it makes you realise you are not here forever.

“It gave me a bit of a wake up call especially regarding my weight.”

Since beating the disease, Mrs Collins has lost five and-a-half stone after taking up regular exercise and Slimming World.

But for her biggest challenge yet she will be walking 50 miles over five days in treacherous terrain at altitudes of up to 2,757m.

The Rowhedge resident said: “I have never done anything like it before.

“The last time I went camping was when I was about 12.

“I have moments where I am really excited and others were I am really nervous.

“But when I beat breast cancer I realised I wanted to give something back and so something for charity.

“Coppafeel is all about raising awareness and educating young people to check and get to know their bodies.” Mrs Collins has raised more than £12,000 from donations, quiz nights, a traditional “Cockney knees up” and more.

She thanked her friends and family for their support, Colchester Travel for sponsoring her event and Creative Repro for help with all the printing. Donate at