YELLOW lines have been painted on a road at a tourist hotspot after motorists continually caused disruption.

The bad parking on the B1029 in Dedham has become an increasing issue in the summer.

It has resulted in the police being called on more than one occasion to help direct traffic.

Both Dedham and Stratford St Mary parish councils have been pushing for yellow lines to be painted - and their campaigning has finally paid off.

Councillors had originally hoped they would be in place by May.

After a warm weekend earlier in the summer saw buses unable to get through, the councils demanded urgent action.

Sheila Beeton, Dedham Parish Council chairman, said there could be as many as 60 or 70 cars parked along the roadside on busy summer days.

She said: “There have been incidents of irresponsible behaviour.

“A few weekends ago the 81A bus got stuck.

“I had one of my councillors calling me and I had to dial 999 and the police had to come and sort it out.

“There has been irresponsible parking both sides of the road, with no consideration of the fact it is a busy road.

“It creates a bottleneck and that weekend was chaos - it caused one almighty jam.

“That is when we really put the pressure on Suffolk County Council.”

Work pushing for the lines took place between the two councils, the North Essex Parking Partnership and Suffolk County Council.

But Mrs Beeton said it had been the two parish council’s “positive collaboration” which had brought about the outcome.

The councils will now keep an eye on how successful the yellow lines are.

Mrs Beeton said: “We are now going to monitor this and hope it will make a difference but if not we will go back to Suffolk County Council and ask for them down the other side.”

Work is underway to create more parking spaces at the village’s two pay and display car parks.

Mrs Beeton urged motorists to park responsibly across the rest of the summer.