A PUPPY has been stolen from a home in Shoebury.

An elderly woman’s female cross breed brindle and white puppy, Holly, aged seven months, was taken from her garden in Delaware Road near Thorpedene Primary School.

The woman’s daughter shared the news publicly on social media, stating that the garden fence had been broken and Holly’s collar had been left.

The family believe the puppy was taken by opportunist thieves between 2pm and 3.30pm last Thursday.

Essex Police have been contacted.

Nikki Bell, the daughter of the victim, wrote: “Holly is micro-chipped, and police have been informed.

“We are in the Shoebury area. Please keep your eyes peeled.

“Holly was in the garden playing, then mum noticed she was quiet so she went to the garden and noticed her fence had been broken.

“This would have been around the evening school run, so anyone near the Delaware area may have seen something.

“The collar was on the floor inside the garden right by the fence that was broken.

“It was almost like it was tossed in and the clip was open so not came of it she had caught it. Mum’s garden backs onto an alley then straight onto a train track, so there is no CCTV.

“We have asked all locals nearby and the regular parents that park near mum’s house and have had no joy so far. I’m making posters now with my children as they are very distraught too.”

Holly was reportedly sighted being chased by a man in the area on Friday.

Friends of the family have been sharing the appeal far and wide in the hopes that Holly will become “too hot to handle” and the publicity will force the thieves to do the right thing and return her home.

Volunteers have been making posters and distributing them around the Shoebury area.

The family have advised people that if they see Holly they should not chase her but contact them.

Anyone with information should cantact Doglost by visiting www.doglost.co.uk or call the owners on 07464209195.