THE first colour images of Colchester Zoo's adorable tiger cubs have been revealed.

Keepers at the Maldon Road attraction have just given the four week old cubs their first health checks and it has been confirmed there are two boys and a little girl.

The zoo has released a video of the animals as well as close up shots of each of the siblings.

A spokesman for the zoo said: "All three are very strong and healthy with the boys both weighing in at 5.4kg and the girl at 4.3kg, it is not unusual for the girl to weigh less than the boys so we’re delighted that all are in great condition proving Taiga to be a brilliant mum.

"Taiga was quickly reunited happily with her cubs after the health check and now that we are positive they are all healthy and Taiga is happy, we’ve opened the indoor viewing area for public who may be able to sneak a peek at the new arrivals."

Keepers are drawing up a shortlist of names for the Amur tigers before the favourites are put to a public vote.

Visitors will be able to vote by offering a donation against their favourite name, with the money going towards Action for the Wild's Amur tiger conservation project, Wildlife Vets International.

A video of the cubs being check over can also be seen here: