I WAS very young when I first asked my mother where I came from. Her reply was I was born under a gooseberry bush.

Having watched David Finch, the leader of Essex County Council, on TV, I am convinced he and his council think the people of Essex were born in the same place.

When asked the question why the council had made a U-turn on its decision to reduce the number of libraries in the county, he obviously became agitated, took on an air of self importance and suggested no such thing had taken place.

Other media interviews by others on the council all came up with the same old rhetoric which also suggested heads got together to come up with the best answers to make us think they are the experts and they came up with the same ideas that had been put to them to keep our libraries open.

Then they had the gall to say £3million was to be used to help do that.

Never in my life time have I seen such an outburst of opposition to the intimated loss of libraries.

Mr Finch and his councillors became very concerned as to their futures in politics.

Tony Ashby