DRIVERS are set to be banned from parking on grass verges at three locations across Colchester.

In 2017, the North Essex Parking Partnership introduced temporary traffic regulation order in Cowdray Avenue and St Andrews’s Avenue to stop motorists parking on the verges and churning up the ground.

It meant drivers faced a £70 penalty if they flouted the rules.

Concerns had been raised over the number of vehicles parked in the unrestricted areas of the roads.

While they were not breaking any rules, they were accused of causing an inconvenience and damaging the grass verges, including the spectacular daffodil display.

Now the partnership will make the order permanent.

It will cover from the Albert roundabout on Cowdray Avenue to the Greenstead roundabout on St Andrew’s Avenue.

Another order will be in place on Cymbeline Way from the Spring Lane roundabout to Sheepen Road.

A report by the partnership on the reasons for the action said: “The introduction of a permanent order to prohibit the parking of vehicles on mown verges along the lengths of the roads is deemed necessary to prevent the damage which occurs from such practices.

“Removing parked vehicles will also remove the risks associated with vehicles parking on the verges, particularly sections of highway subject to the national speed limit.”

In 2017, former borough councillor Darius Laws took it upon himself to slap motorists parking inconsiderately with yellow cards on their windscreens down Cowdray Avenue after being told they were not breaking any rules.