A SCAM warning has been issued after con artists targeted a woman for her bank details.

Sheila Heard received a call on her house phone saying somebody from abroad had removed £600 from the account.

After being spooked by a convincing lie, Mrs Heard realised it was a scam when the caller asked her for her card number.

Her fears were proved right when she checked with staff at Natwest in Colchester High Street and was told she was the third person on that day alone to report a similar incident.

Mrs Heard, who lives in Greenstead, said she wanted people to be aware and not risk being duped.

She said: "I got the phone call and the woman was saying she was to do with the bank and wanted to talk to me because in the last half an hour somebody had taken £600 out of my account with my Visa card.

"Straight away I thought it was a con.

"She was insistent it wasn't and told me it had been done in a foreign country.

"That did worry me slightly because I had been on holiday recently and had been using my card.

"But she said it had happened in Canada and I had not been there.

"I repeated that I thought it was a con and she told me again it wasn't and asked me for my card number to check.

"At that point I was sure so I hung up.

"It did worry me so I went to the bank and they told me I was the third person to report the same thing that day.

"They checked my account and nothing like that had happened.

"Clearly somebody is trying it on.

"I'm 78 but I'm not gullible but sadly some people might be.

"If that many people from one bank have had it happen, imagine how many people in total have had these calls."

Anti-fraud advice says banks will never call or email asking for any details, send someone to your home to collect cash, ask for you to buy items or ask for a test transaction.

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of a scammer should call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.