ESSEX county councillors have called on the Government to invest in more funding for schools.

Labour group members on the council had tabled a motion to declare a “state of emergency” relating to the county’s education.

It comes as a number of teachers and governors have called for more help as schools continue to struggle to balance the books.

The motion added the authority’s proposed changes to library services along with previous cuts to school transport support and adult community learning are “eroding educational opportunities”.

It called for the Conservative-led council to put pressure on the Government to invest in more funding for schools as well as support trade unions campaigning against school cuts.

Councillors at the County Hall meeting agreed to an amended motion, stating: “The council recognises that school funding has not kept pace with inflation.

“Therefore, the council calls on the Government to invest in more funding in schools”.

Julie Young, deputy Labour group leader who tabled the motion, said afterwards: “Alongside the voices of head teachers and staff at schools, we believe there is an education emergency in Essex and that’s why we raised the motion in the way we did and asked the Tories to acknowledge that.

“They wouldn’t go so far as saying it is an emergency but head teachers are saying it is an emergency.”

Adele Jennings, a parent governor who is co-ordinating the Funding For Schools campaign, said: “There was very much a consensus between the parties that something needs to happen for funding for schools.”

The Gazette is, alongside Funding For Schools, campaigning to put more pressure on the Government for cash.

Schools in north east Essex say they need at least 15 per cent more cash to stop cuts and ensure children get the educational support they need.

Schools say budgets have come under pressure as staffing costs including national insurance and pension contributions have gone up by much more than their income.

But the Government has argued it is has provided more cash for schools than ever before.

Campaigners are urging supporters to lobby outside Colchester Town Hall on Wednesday ahead of borough councillors meeting at 6pm.