DIGNITARIES joined dancers to raise the profile of a unique dance group.

The Dance Network Association’s programme offers dance and movement sessions to people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Led by professional artist from the Dance Network, Karen Pratt, and a team of support artists, everyone took part in the dance class specifically designed for those living with the debilitating condition.

This is achieved by focusing on movements which loosen the muscles and lengthen the spine.

Colchester Mayor Nick Cope joined in with the dancing at Firstsite alongside other councillors including deputy leader Julie Young.

They were also joined by former Colchester mayors Terry Sutton and Mike Hogg, who both have Parkinson’s, as well as councillors Simon Crow and Helen Chuah.

Gemma Wright, director of the Dance Network Association, said: “The session was about encouraging people of importance to join us for session to not only to raise the profile of our classes, but to share with them its benefits.

“We also took the opportunity to ask for financial support. I was quite overwhelmed by the kindness and support from the council.

“We left the space having raised just shy of £1,300 which will help the classes continue far into 2020.”

To find out more email info@dancenetworkassociation.org.uk.