THE parents of baby who was born 12 weeks early weighing just 1lb 13oz have called her their “premature miracle”.

Poppy Daines-Kielczewska was born in Colchester Hospital on June 24, three months before her due date.

She was delivered by an emergency Caesarian section and transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridgeshire, where she has spent nearly three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit slowly putting on weight.

Mum Natalie Daines, 34, was going for her 28-week scan when doctors told her she needed an emergency C-section to save her baby’s life.


Dad Paul Kielczewski, 38, said: “The nurse told us if we hadn’t had a scan and the lack of blood and oxygen flowing through the umbilical cord wasn’t noticed, then by the next day Poppy wouldn’t have been with us anymore.

“We are so grateful for the emergency C-section as there was no other way she would have survived as her breathing was getting weaker and weaker by the second.

“I just can’t believe we came to hospital for a scan and then ended up having a baby.”

Over the past few weeks Poppy has managed to gain 20 grams in weight. She is now 1lb 15.21oz.

Paul, who said he has always wanted to be a dad, said: “Poppy is a premature miracle.”

She was due on September 16.

The couple, who live in Dovercourt, had to wait a week to hold Poppy.

Paul said: “She seems relaxed when we cuddle her, but we only have an allocated time frame to hold her and it’s hard to leave.”

Poppy has also been visited by Willow, six, who is Natalie’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Willow is looking forward to Poppy going to Colchester Hospital on the next stage or her recovery but she needs to weigh 1kg before she can be transferred there.


Paul said the level of care Poppy has been given by hospital staff has been “second to none”.

He said: “The doctors have been great giving us information on Poppy’s progress and have made us feel part of the team.

“She’s been making steps forward.

“She has been breathing on her own and is now on a combination of breast milk and formula.

“There have been some backwards steps over the past few weeks with her oxygen levels fluctuating but her breathing has stabilised now.”

He added: “The doctors have told us this is a normal journey for most premature babies.”

The couple are now trying to raise £1,000 for Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust to help staff continue to provide excellent care for premature babies.

To donate, visit and search for Lisa Spillman, a family friend who set up the fundraising page.