CLACTON Pier has made its single largest investment in a new ride for 40 years – and bosses say there is more in the pipeline.

The White Water Log Flume has been bought and transported from Scotland to Clacton, where it is in storage.

The plan is to make the changes needed to accommodate the ride over this winter and have it in operation next season.

This will be the first log flume of its size on Clacton Pier and bosses at the attraction say it is very similar to the one at Thorpe Park made famous by Princess Diana and her sons William and Harry in 1994.

It will be the heaviest ride on the structure weighing 160 tons in total and holding 80,000 litres of water.

Pier director Billy Ball said that having just completed the second phase of the pier’s £4 million development, attention has been turned to the rides.

He said: “We are always looking to up our offer across the board and the log flume is a really exciting addition which will provide thrills for all ages.”

“It is a major boost for those who love our rides and we can promise at least one more significant addition in 2021.

“We cannot rest on our laurels and it is all about our commitment to continually make improvements to attract people to the pier and give them the environment to make many happy memories.

“This ride is definitely about upping our seasonal offer, whereas the new development is about making us a truly sustainable 52-week a year attraction.”

The log flume has been bought from a park in Scotland owned by other members of the Ball family. It is undergoing a full refurbishment.

There will need to be a reconfiguration of the outside ride decks including the relocation of the Go-Karts as well as work to strengthen the pier’s structure.

Mr Ball said: “We cannot wait to get this new attraction in place and although there was once a very small log flume type ride, there has never been anything on this scale.”

Mr Ball added Clacton Pier is also planning for a similarly big investment in another ride that will be ready for 2021.