CLASSIC cars roared into town as campaigners invited petrolheads to show off their unique motors.

The Save Our St Osyth action group held its first classic car show at fields near Clacton Airfield, in West Road, on Sunday.

The show was held to raise funds for the group’s campaign to reimburse families faced with paying costs following a public inquiry.

Save Our St Osyth was left with a £122,000 bill in 2016 after challenging plans to build houses on the historic St Osyth Priory site.

After a two-year battle, the bill was reduced to £56,303.

The group launched a campaign to raise the cash to reimburse the group’s committee members.

Bev Lynn, chair of the group, thanked farmer Penny Smith for use of her land to host the show.

“It was an amazing day,” she said.

“We were unsure how many classic cars would turn up at our very first inaugural event.

“Luckily Penny Smith allowed us to use her field and that Clacton Classic Car Club supported us, the rest of it was down to lots of organisation and we were governed by the weather.

“But we had around 170 vehicles arrive.

“There were some very old cars, tractors, motorbikes and a couple of scooters.

“We were set up as a local community pressure group aiming to fight the development in the village.”