PLANS to build another 100 new homes in Stanway have been recommended for approval.

Hopkins Homes’ proposals for land west of Chitts Hill will go before Colchester Council’s planning committee next Thursday.

Officers have recommended the plans for approval, subject to the developer’s commitment to invest more than £1 million in schools, community facilities, open space and healthcare service.

A decision on the application, which was submitted two years ago, has been delayed as the developer submitted a viability assessment which “concluded the scheme could not support any planning contributions or affordable housing”.

However after an independent review by a planning consultant on behalf of the council, Hopkins Homes has agreed to provide 30 per cent affordable homes and £1.1 million for infrastructure.

A report states: “Although the applicant issued a rebuttal on certain points made by the consultant, it was agreed the necessary planning obligations and affordable housing requirements would be met.”

The new estate would be made up of 24 two-bed, 39 three-bed and 37 four-bed properties with 163 designated parking spaces.

Play equipment and a trim trail will be included as well as cycle paths and a bridleway, while access will be provided from Chitts Hill.

A total of 45 objections were submitted with residents raising concerns over an increase in traffic in the area, the usage of Iron Latch lane, security of the nearby Holmwood House School and loss of agricultural land.

The report states: “The application site is allocated in the emerging Local Plan which can be afforded significant weight in the consideration of this application given its advanced stage and low level of objection to relevant policies.

“The proposal is considered to be in accordance with those emerging policies which can be afforded significant weight and is broadly in accordance with relevant policies of the adopted plan.

“Impacts from the proposal can be mitigated by condition or section 106 legal agreement.”