A MORTUARY viewing room at Colchester Hospital has been refurbished.

The room is where relatives of loved ones who have died can go to see them after their death.

A calming wall mural has now been created, as well as a special lighting system, with seven options, to make appearance of patients less distressing for relatives.

The £30,000 works carried out by Stroods were covered through a charitable grant from Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity.

Mortuary and bereavement services manager Guy Singleton said: “When families visit us it is often the last time they will see their loved one.

“It is really important we create an environment that is as calm and relaxing as possible.

“I am really pleased we have achieved a non-clinical look even though it is very much a clinical space.

“We have already used the special lighting effects and they are quite amazing.

“The charity made the project possible, but I must also thank Stroods for their professionalism and non-intrusive approach throughout the refurbishment work.”