A DRIVER is warning others to be careful after her car window was smashed by mindless vandals.

Miska Hubinova's Fiat 500 was parked in Brook Street, Colchester, overnight on Thursday.

But the next day she discovered a discarded brick and scuff marks to the driver's side window, while the rear window had been caved in.

Miss Marsh believes this is the latest in a series of incidents where cars have been targeted in the area with at least three on the night in question.

"It looks like they first tried to smash my side window on the driver's side seat and then they smashed my back one," she said.

"In the morning when I was cleaning the mess which was there a walked past me and asked if it was from last night.

"He said there was another girl in Brooklands with a similar red car with a smashed window.

"I walked over there and found another car which was smashed - so there is probably even more which got targeted.

"Things like this have been happening for ages here."

The car was parked between 10pm and 8.30am and suspicious noises were heard at 3am from an alleyway nearby.

Miss Hubinova, 27, was forced to take a day away from her job as a spa therapist to get the car repaired, and shell out £100.

Nothing of value was kept in the car and nothing was stolen.

She said: "It is just so stupid.

"It just causes more and more problems.

"I have to take a day off work to get it fixed so I lose my wages and lose £100.

"Who is going to pay me that money back? Nobody.

"It is the sort of thing which makes everyone worry."

She reported the incident to police and has encouraged anyone else whose car is smashed to do the same.