A MAN who called police after a sledgehammer attack on the house where he was living has been accused of squatting.

Shane Ramsey, 31, says he was given permission to stay at the house in Main Road, Alresford while he was decorating it.

However, a woman who has agreed to rent the house says Mr Ramsey has not given her access to the property.

The situation escalated on Thursday when two men, who arrived to change the locks, ended up hitting the door of the property with a sledgehammer and making threats.

A man, 50, from Wood Green, London, arrested on suspicion of affray has been released under investigation.

The woman said she had spoken to Mr Ramsey about visiting the property to change the locks, the door and neaten up the garden ahead of them moving in.

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She said: ‘’I have text messages from him saying I can start coming around to start gardening and changing the doors and locks.

‘’But now he won’t even let the property owner get in there to get his belongings and they are still there, and the gates are all bolted up and they haven’t left the house.

‘’We were only there to replace the door and they knew I was coming round to change the locks and door and now they have just been sending me threatening messages.’’

She has reported Mr Ramsey to Essex Police.

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating after reports of a threatening text message and a theft on June 21. Our enquiries are ongoing.”

We have been unable to contact the landlord.