DELIGHTED zookeepers have announced three rare Amur tiger cubs have been successfully bred at Colchester Zoo.

The three adorable and endangered cubs were born to mum and dad Taiga and Igor earlier this month.

A few days before the cubs were born Taiga began showing nesting behaviours was restless and looking uncomfortable so keepers knew the birth was imminent.

On Friday morning keepers discovered the babies inside the animal's den.

It takes two weeks for the cubs' eyes to open and at around four weeks they'll be up and about in their home. At six weeks they'll be sexed and named.

The public will have to wait to see them however as they won't be out and about in their enclosure for some time.

Here is a video of the adorable cubs in their den:

A spokesman for the zoo said: "This is the first time in Colchester Zoo’s history that tigers have successfully been raised at the zoo.

"This birth comes two years after Taiga’s arrival in February 2017 when she was welcomed to the zoo following a breeding recommendation from the European Endangered Species Programme co-ordinator."

Amur tigers come from the Amur Region along the eastern border between China and Russia with their habitat containing some of the coldest areas in the world.

They are also known as Siberian Tigers and are the largest and palest of all tiger subspecies.