BUS passengers have been warned about a public transport overhaul due to major roadworks.

The Ipswich Road and Harwich Road improvement scheme in Colchester has been underway for ten months now.

From June 24, Ipswich Road South, near East Street, will be closed for four weeks for a water main diversion and re-connection.

As soon as that is finished, both BT works and re-building the retaining wall along the rail line can start.

The road improvements involve carriageway widening and making single instead of multi-roundabouts.

To do this at the Ipswich Road junction, the retaining wall supporting the road above the railway line must be moved back and strengthened.

A major piling and wall-building operation will be carried out, meaning Ipswich Road South will be closed again from July 20.

The total duration for these combined road closures is about five months.

Frome June 24, there will be no buses stopping in Ipswich Road South due to the road closure.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “The bus stops for passengers to use while Ipswich Road South is closed are as they were before when the road was briefly closed.

“For northbound journeys, away from the town centre, the stop will be near the Eastgates level crossing on East Street, while southbound, into town, foot journeys will be a little further up the hill on Harwich Road.

“Bus companies are aware and passengers will still be able to board the same buses, just 300 yards away from the previous stops.”

Some bus stops have already been temporarily moved to accommodate the works.

An update by contractor Eurovia said: “The permanent bus stop shelter on the Ipswich Road North southbound footpath has been suspended and has been removed. A temporary bus stop has been placed prior to the construction zone 70 metres northwards.

“We have also removed the permanent bus stop shelter on St Andrews Avenue, the Homebase side. This will still be an active stop and will have signage reflecting this.

“The bus request stop on St Andrew’s Avenue eastbound which is inside a construction zone is suspended as passengers cannot access this area.”