A COMMUNITY council says it “broadly welcomes” plans for hundreds of homes but demanded action on poor infrastructure.

Colchester Council has unveiled plans for the south part of its Northern Gateway development on a playing field and brownfield land.

The bid includes outline permission for up to 350 homes, 300 older people’s homes, a medical centre and a private acute surgical hospital.

There will also be a 75-bed care home, 55,724 sq metres of office space, retail space and land for a restaurant or café.

Myland Community Council said it welcomed aspects of the bid but raised a number of other concerns.

It said: “The provision of health service and care facilities are most welcomed in north Colchester.

“The agreed allocation - 4.5 hectares - of land for creation of the new Myland village green is especially welcomed in view of the dearth of green space lost in Myland due to house building and road construction.”

The document added: “Myland Council is aware of concerns with regard to availability of infrastructure prior to developments being approved.

“In particular, school access has been highlighted as is access to medical facilities.” The council added these “deficiencies” must be addressed.

The development also includes plans for an energy centre but the council said the design was “dark, bland and aesthetically poor”.

Colchester Council’s planning committee will have the final say on the plans later this year.