A KNIFE-WIELDING robber has been jailed for six years after terrorising a string of people in a 90 minute spree.

Danny Glass targeted people in the Hythe and New Town areas of Colchester between 5am and 6.30am on a Saturday morning in February with a scarf covering his face.

The first victim was in Haven Road when Glass approached her from behind and said “Give me your handbag or I will stab you.”

She handed over her bag which contained two phones, a passport and a bank card.

Glass then demanded another man “hand over everything he had got” while armed with a switch blade. However, the victim was so stunned he laughed and ran away.

Then in Winnock Road he pretended to walk past the next victim before grabbing him by his arm and pressing a blade to his neck causing a small nick.

The man had no cash so Glass checked for a watch before fleeing.

Glass threatened to cut another man near Hythe Station who gave up a credit card and some loose change.

The robber, who is a father-of-four, then went into a nearby Premier store stealing an employee’s handbag and then held a knife to another man’s throat in Barrack Street before leaving empty handed.

Glass admitted two robberies, two attempted robberies and possession of two bladed articles. Another robbery and theft were taken into account.

James Onalaja, mitigating, said Glass, who has a social personality disorder, was ashamed of his actions and committed the robberies to pay off a crack cocaine debt.

He said dealers had set up camp at his home in Haven Road, Colchester, and would sometimes allow him freebies.

However, they soon began threatening him with a gun and a chain and Glass set off on the robbery spree to try to pay off an instalment.

Glass has 36 previous convictions for 74 previous offences.

Passing sentence at Ipswich Crown Court, Judge David Pugh said he considered Glass was a serious risk of reoffending and ordered a three year extended licence period when he is eventually released.

“You used a bladed article to threaten the victims and all this had a significant psychological impact on them,” he said.

“They have suffered nightmares, disrupted sleep and no longer feel safe in public.

“Any victim of a robbery with a knife will undoubtedly incur psychological harm.”

Speaking after the hearing Detective Inspector Kevin Hughes, of Colchester CID, said: “In one of the statements read out at court today, Glass was described by a victim as a ‘danger to the public’. I couldn’t agree more.

“He knowingly took a knife out into the streets and targeted people who were alone, going about their daily business on a Saturday morning. His selfish, unnecessary actions have changed their lives forever.

“I would like to commend every victim in this case for their immense bravery throughout this process. I hope they will get some small comfort knowing that Glass is behind bars as they start to rebuild after this traumatic incident.”