PARKING bosses issued more than 76,000 fines and made £1,965,000 across north Essex last year.

Figures have revealed during the 2018/19 financial year the North Essex Parking Partnership handed out 76,078 penalty charge notices, an increase of 1,720 on the previous year.

Of these, 53,535, or around 70 per cent, were higher level fines.

Higher level fines are for offences such as parking in a loading bay when restrictions are in force and parking in a disabled pay without a blue badge.

The majority of PCNs issued - 59,802 - were for on street parking offences.

The parking partnership, which covers Colchester, Tendring, Braintree, Uttlesford and Harlow council areas, saw 56,379 fines paid.

Of these 48,861 were paid at a discounted rate after transactions were carried out in 14 days.

There were 1,517 which were later charged at an increased rate.

The figures show 4,806 of PCNs issued were cancelled after being challenged by members of the public.

There were 89 appeals to the traffic penalty tribunal with 24 refused at appeal and 31 not contested by the parking partnership.

The financial data also shows £1,965,000 was made in income from on street penalty charges during 2018/19, a £65,000 increase on the previous year.

A spokesperson for the partnership said: “The rise in PCNs issued across the area reflects, in part, the number of new on-street parking restrictions introduced in the past year.

“There have, for example, been several large resident parking zones introduced in that time.

“Residents’ parking permits are only brought in when most residents support it usually in areas close to town or rail stations where streets can become congested.”

The spokesman added: “We encourage motorists to check for any restrictions before parking their vehicle.

“On occasions, there may be extenuating circumstances staff are unaware of when a PCN is issued, and the appeal process exists to help motorists where this is the case.”