COUNCIL bosses have warned drone users that parks, nature reserves and open spaces are no fly zones without express permission.

The use of drones over Colchester Council's land has increased over the last few months and years.

But now the authority has said it will clip the wings of aerial enthusiasts and plan to place signs at the entrances of their beautyspots reminding people drones cannot be flown without their say so.

The council's official drone policy says the green light will only be given for take off if it can be proven the drone will decrease risk for people working at height in land or building surveying or for professional services like festivals or archaeological digs.

The ban includes places such as Castle Park and Highwoods Country Park

Portfolio holder for the environment, Martin Goss (Lib Dem) said residents and wildlife are protected by the legislation.

He said: “We are increasingly receiving complaints from members of the public about drones flying overhead, often causing disturbance to people or wildlife.

“With the popularity of drones continuing to grow, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that this no-fly policy is in place to preserve the safety and tranquillity of our open spaces.”

Anyone found to be using a drone device without a letter of permission will be instructed to stop immediately.

If they refuse, the police can be called in to remove the flyer from council land and they may be prosecuted under specific by-laws.

The council's drones policy can be viewed at