CORONATION robes from 1821 and notes and pictures after the 1940 bombing of Buckingham Palace are among the items going under the hammer at a Colchester auction house.

Reeman Dansie has a collection of royal regalia up for grabs ranging from photographs and Christmas cards to official portraits and even pieces of wedding cake from Will and Kate’s wedding.

The auction is set to grab interest from around the world with royal fans lining up to grab bits of memorabilia.

The lots also include “a bit of Colchester royal history” with a Victorian silver presentation trowel.

The blade, which is engraved with the Colchester Borough arms and a scene of the town hall, was presented to the Duke of Cambridge in 1898.


It was handed over by architect John Blecher on the laying of the foundation stone of the town hall.

James Grinter, managing director, said: “We have got some really interesting things and lots about the bombing of Buckingham Palace.

“There are pictures of the Buckingham Palace staff in Home Guard uniform and letters from the King and Queen about the bombing.”

The bombing of Buckingham Palace lot is expected to sell for between £1,000 and £2,000.


The coronation robes and coronet worn by the Earl of Westmorland to the coronation of King George IV is expected to set buyers back a cool £6,500.

The lot includes a silver gilt and crimson velvet coronet trimmed with ermine, breeches and robe.

The coronation was known for its pomp and extravagance.

For those with more modest budgets they can snap up some less expensive items.

Mr Grinter added: “There is a piece of cake and tin from William’s and Kate’s wedding which could make £300 to £400.”

The sale takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday.