POST Office bosses have promised a memorial plaque commemorating workers who died in the First World War will be returned to Colchester.

The plaque, which is thought to have been on display in the town for close to 100 years, honoured Post Office workers who gave their lives during the Great War,

It had been displayed at the town’s branch in North Hill but was removed when the office moved to WH Smith.

Colchester High Steward Sir Bob Russell raised concerns about the plaque being removed.

It is believed to have been taken to the Post Office Record Archives in London.

Sir Bob said: “This is not what I understood would happen when I protested about the closure of the Crown Post Office and cramming the counters into a small area of the ground floor of WH Smith in Lion Walk.

“I would like to see the memorial returned to Colchester.

“I am not sure where it should be displayed, but it should be displayed in Colchester and not hidden away in London.

“The memorial was originally located in the then General Post Office in Head Street and then moved next door into the Thirties Post Office which replaced it before being moved again to the Crown Post Office facing High Street.”

Post Office bosses have promised it will be returned to the town and a re-dedication ceremony would be held.

A spokesman said: “The war memorial at the former Colchester Post Office site is in storage while we identify the most appropriate place to relocate it.

“Please be reassured that we fully recognise the importance and significance of the war memorial at Colchester Post Office and, once agreed, the relocation will be handled with due and proper care and sensitivity, including a re-dedication ceremony.”