A MEETING has been held in a bid to address a village’s on-going traffic and parking problems.

Colchester councillors and several organisations met to discuss the congested parking and lack of suitable spaces for cars in Eight Ash Green.

It’s said the overcrowding often disrupts traffic and residents living near Fiddlers Folly and also jeopardises the safety of pupils being dropped off and picked up at the Holy Trinity Primary School.

The way in which the surrounding estates and schools have been developed has left the area struggling to accommodate the sheer volume of cars and drivers on the roads.

Councillor for Lexden and Braiswick Lewis Barber, who attended the meeting, said: “The parking is impacting the residents a considerable amount and I believe the situation is only going to get worse unless action is taken.

“Cars are only around for a relatively short amount of time, especially in the morning, but there is currently not the space for children to be dropped off as safely as we would all like.

“No straightforward solutions in the short term have been concluded, but we will now be working with the relevant organisations to investigate the possibility of implementing a safe school drop off point with suitable access and space.”

Despite the growing problem, an application to further develop the area next to Fiddlers Folly has now been put forward as part of Eight Ash Green’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Mr Barber continued: “Given the need for the school to expand in future as the new development progresses, it would be prudent to recognise the extra pressures this will place on the area and plan accordingly.”