OLDER drivers are being offered the chance to take on confidence boosting sessions to improve their motoring skills.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership is offering a Driving with Confidence course after stats showed people over the age of 70 have a higher collision rate than those younger.

The course will see people drive their own vehicle and driver improvement manager Sally Plail said: "Personal circumstances within your family may have changed and you may find yourself having to drive more frequently.

"Let us help you regain your confidence in these situations as you may just want the reassurance that your driving is as good as it was a few years ago.

‘The course is an opportunity for you to update your knowledge, improve your awareness of hazards and driving skills.

‘This could be all it takes to give reassurance, increase confidence and ultimately help you to keep driving for longer.’

The course is free for a limited time. To book call 01277 636677, email saferessexroads@essexhighways.org or visit drivingwithconfidence.co.uk