A GRIEVING mum says she will continue to fight to find out what caused her daughter’s death.

An inquest ruled Leila Willmott, six, died of natural causes linked to a rare condition called CHARGE syndrome which she had battled since birth.

The brave youngster became unresponsive at her home in Stanway last July and sadly died in hospital.

Leila had increased levels of flecainide in her system – a medication used to treat her heart problems – but the inquest heard a toxicology report was inconclusive saying there were reasonable explanations as to how the elevated levels may have occurred.

Police seized two bottles of the medication one 100ml bottle which had 45mls missing and one 200ml bottle which had 30mls missing.

Officers have been unable to explain where the missing flecainide went and were particularly concerned about the smaller bottle which is double the usual strength Leila would have and should only be administered in small doses.

No charges have ever been brought against anyone and the care company Invent Health co-operated fully with the inquest proceedings.

Despite being told by police they will not reopen the case, mum Ellie said: “I am going to take it as far as I can – I am not letting it go.

“Since the inquest I have spoken to the police and they can’t reopen the investigation so I know from that stage I am stuck.

“I don’t want to get lawyers involved. I don’t want blood money.

“All I want is my daughter back but that isn’t going to happen.”

Ellie asked for the inquest to take place after raising concerns about Leila’s death but was disappointed at the verdict and the lack of answers.

She said her daughter showed no signs of ill health in the hours before she died until she suddenly became unresponsive.

She said: “There was no change in her in the hours before – she was her usual self.

“It was hot and she didn’t like the heat. My mum had said to me she thought she was lethargic but I know Leila and she was just like that when it was warm.”

Ellie paid a touching tribute to her beloved daughter and said: “Leila was the most amazing, brave, brilliant little girl and I am blessed to be her mum. She was my best friend and taught me so much.

“My life is so much darker now but I’ll make sure her memory lives on.”