A CHARITY golf tournament has raised thousands of pounds in memory of a mum who tragically died just weeks before her daughter’s wedding.

Debbie Coulson had battled an aggressive brain tumour for 13 months.

Debbie, 58, from Colchester, had suffered two strokes before her devastating diagnosis in June 2017 and endured six weeks of radiotherapy treatment in London after her problems.

Debbie’s diagnosis was shortly after she found love with partner Phil Holding, with whom she had worked at Horizon Construction.

However, despite her brave fight she died just seven weeks before her daughter, Vicky, was due to marry in 2018. 

The wedding, which was planned for 2017 but was initially postponed following Debbie's diagnosis, featured a table at the reception that displayed a touching photo of Debbie in her absence, as well a book so guests could write down their memories of her.

After her death, her friends and family, including her son Matthew, set up the Debbie Coulson Foundation both in her honour and after learning less than 20 per cent of brain tumour patients live beyond five years.

Vicky, who married in the wedding dress her mum had bought her, said: “My mum was a solid and strong person and she caring and nurturing.

“We had a strong mother and daughter bond and she worshipped the ground both I and my brother, Mathew, walked on.

“She was protective and would never let us see her get upset.

“I was really scared when I found out the percentage of funding given to brain tumour research was only one per cent because I was naïve to that until my mum’s diagnosis.

“But at my wedding, it still felt like she was there.”

The charitable organisation, which is a subsidiary of the nationwide Brain Tumour Research, aims to find a cure for the disease and relies on fundraising events and donations to fund research.

Debbie’s partner Phil added: “Debbie was my partner and soul-mate and it was such a shock when Debbie was diagnosed to discover that the treatment available for her deadly condition was so limited.

“The Debbie Coulson Foundation is proud to be helping to make a difference.”

Thanks to a golf tournament, the charity has now received a cash boost of more than £1,800.

Organised by consumer banking company Handelsbanken, the putting pastime teed off at Might Claws Crazy Golf in Colchester and saw more than 60 business employees come together for the good cause.

Handelsbanken’s individual banking manager Johanna Little said: “All of us here at Handelsbanken were sad to learn of Debbie’s death from an aggressive brain tumour.

“Sadly, as a team we have had a number of customers, friends and relatives experiencing the devastating effects of brain tumours. We are so pleased to have been able to support such an amazing cause.”

To donate to the Debbie Coulson Foundation go to justgiving.com/fundraising/debbie-coulson-foundation