A FORMER grammar school student has been commemorated for his vital involvement in a famous infiltration of enemy-occupied land during the Second World War.

Admiral Bertram Ramsay was a student at Colchester Royal Grammar School before joining the Navy and becoming the naval commander for the D-Day invasion Operation Neptune.

His display of bold heroics, inspiring bravery, tactical planning and instrumental influence in what went on to be a historic and successful invasion, has now been celebrated by the Old Colcestrian Society during an alumni dinner.

The meal took place at Colchester Officers’ Club and was attended by Bertram’s grandson and guest of honour Charlie Ramsay. The dinner also highlighted the admiral’s role in the Dunkirk evacuation four years prior to D-Day.

He died on January 2 ,1945, aged 61 in a plane crash. He was en route to a conference with General Bernard Montgomery.