DISCARDED barbecues, leftover litter and sharp drink cans after causing a hazard for children, pets and wildlife at a secluded beach.

An angry resident has taken his fight to get Earlhams beach kept clean and tidy to MP Sir Bernard Jenkin after first raising concerns over litter in 2017.

Nic Grey, of Low Road, Dovercourt, says despite carrying out his own regular litter pics while walking the beach is becoming a dangerous hazard.

He said: "Two summers ago I highlighted a problem concerning the Earlhams beach area, which has a very bad problem with litter.

"Since then I have constantly taken my dogs for walks and always come back with a full load of litter.

"Now we have the added problem of the school holidays the situation is greatly worsened.

"I cannot understand the mentality of these people who take food, drinks and barbecues to beautiful beaches and walk away just leaving their rubbish behind."

Mr Grey's main concern is sharp objects being left on the beach.

He added: "Many of the cans and bottles are being deliberately made into sharp objects - a hazard to children, pets and wildlife.

"One family I approached told me in no uncertain terms what I should do with myself and promptly added that the tide would take away their debris."

Mr Grey has now written to Sir Bernard calling on him to put pressure on Tendring Council to check and clean the beach rather than let litter get swept out to sea.

Sir Bernard thanked Mr grey for getting in touch.

He said: “Our beaches are a major attraction for local residents and tourists alike, and I know the Tendring Council shares the desire to keep them clean.

"I will be asking the council to look into this and I ask that all beach-goers please take your rubbish with you when you leave.

"Whenever I visit a beach, I collect plastic which has been washed up or left behind by other visitors and the amounts are quite substantial.

"It is selfish and irresponsible to think that someone else, or worse yet, the sea will take your rubbish away. "Thank you to Mr Grey and everyone else who volunteers their own time to take part in litter picks and beach clean-ups.

"It makes a tremendous difference.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said Earlham’s Beach is given regular beach cleans by the council’s contractors Veolia for 100m south of the car park.

He added: “We work hard to ensure all of our beaches are kept clean and tidy – this includes our beach cleaning contract, litter picks carried out by our beach patrol, and support for community litter pick events too.

“As with any tidal stretch of beach litter is, sadly, washed up on the tide and it is not possible to clean it after every single tide.”