A FORMER Tendring councillor has won his seat as an MEP for the Brexit Party.

Matthew Patten, former chief executive of cricket and disability sports charity The Lord’s Taverners, has been elected in the East Midlands.

He is one of three Brexit Party members for the area as well as one Liberal Democrat and one Labour.

The former Bradfield, Wix and Wrabness district councillor, from Manningtree, said he was “astounded” with the result.

He added: “It’s historic. A party that is pretty much six weeks old not only topped a national poll but has won 28 seats.

“That is extraordinary if nothing else. That shows the strength of feeling across the UK about trust and democracy. It also shows really clearly this issue is not going away.

“The Brexit issue is so domineering and so overshadowing of our day to day lives. The Westminster parties need to get to grips with it.

“In terms of Europe we need to carry a positive message in Europe about Britain leaving the EU.”

Mr Patten stood for the Brexit Party because he felt strongly the EU referendum result to leave the EU should be upheld.

He said: “The shenanigans of the last year or so in Westminster are breaking people’s trust and I feel a real affront to the democratic process.”