A BOMB squad was called out to a salvage yard for the second time in a matter of days after a suspected Second World War era shell was uncovered.

Stunned Karl Dixon, 51, was forced to close his business when he discovered a live explosive device last Wednesday.

He suspected the old ordnance had been left behind by a collector visiting A and D Reclaim, in Sladburys Lane, Clacton.

Karl and his team were ushered back to a safe distance as experts with Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment assessed the device.

They carried out a controlled explosion at around 2.45pm.

On Friday morning, Karl was busy tidying the yard when his heart skipped a beat.

“About 4ft away from where the first one was found I spotted something,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe it - it was an explosive which looked exactly the same as the first.

“I called the police straight away.

“I moved the device to a nearby field and away from the yard as last time we had to close the business.”


The ordnance disposal squad was called out again and later confirmed the second device was an empty shell.

Karl said: “It turns out it was empty, but they were baffled as it was exactly the same type as the other one.

“I am thinking about getting proper cameras installed so we can see who drops off what.

“These things could have been there for weeks.

“It is probably the work of a metal detectorist, lots of old war relics are found in this area.”

He added: “We lost a whole day of trade when the other shell was found.

“I don’t regret picking it up.

“Obviously no-one would want it to go off, but when you are self employed your work life is totally different.

“The pressure of all the expenses makes you take the extra step - or the extra risk in my case.”