A TEENAGER is hoping to be named top of the class when she represents the town at a national modelling competition.

Alexandrea Moore, 18, of Colchester, will be battling it out to be named Miss Teen British Isles.

The competition sees a host of contestants go up against each other in a bid for the title and £2,000.

Alexandrea, a former Colchester Institute student, has already been named Miss Teen Colchester 2018/19.

She will take part in the competition in Chester on Sunday.

Alexandrea, who works at Ardleigh Pre-School, said: “In the competition all the finalists are asked to have three outfits - one in a Miss British Isles t-shirt and sash, one in a cocktail style dress and one in an evening dress.

“We have a photoshoot and then the competition consists of each girl doing the catwalk in-front of the audience and judges in each outfit.

“I’m so nervous but really excited. Hopefully it will open up some doors and it’s an amazing opportunity.”