THE pitter patter of baby rhino feet will be heard at Colchester Zoo later this year.

Zookeepers are overjoyed after finding out white rhino Emily will give birth to her third calf in December.

Her pregnancy was confirmed after samples were sent to a specialised lab in Austria.

Emily is now eight months pregnant.

The baby's father is Otto who had spent time at Woburn Safari Park last year on a breeding loan.

But shortly after his return to Colchester Zoo he had reignited his spark with Emily.

Colchester Zoo has had a number of previous successful births as part of the breeding programme for white rhinos and this new arrival will be the fifth calf to be born at the park.

White rhinos are listed as near threatened on the IUCN Red List, this is due to the poaching crisis and ivory trade, so this pregnancy is brilliant news for the conservation of this magnificent species.