DISTRAUGHT parents have criticised investigators for failing to bring legal proceedings against any individuals after their daughter died on her first scuba dive.

Bethany Farrell, 23, of Colchester, was on a gap year in Australia when she went scuba diving with friends in February 2015.

However, she became lost when her diving instructor turned her back.

An inquest held in Queensland heard she came back to the surface of the water but was not spotted because those meant to be watching her above water did not do their job adequately.

The magistrate leading the hearing said he “reasonably expected” the firm, skipper Steven Croucher, its employee Peter Hall and the dive instructor Fiona McTavish had committed offences under workplace laws but added there was no evidence of any criminal offences.

Miss Farrell’s death has been investigated by the Office for the Direction of Public Prosecutions and the Office of Industrial Relations.

DL 20 Trading Pty Ltd, which traded as Wings Diving Adventures, was charged with and admitted breaching its duties under the Safety in Recreational Water Activities Act and was fined 160,000 Australian dollars.

But the conviction was filed as non-recorded - a term in Australian law which means it is not put forward on any official records.

Neither bodies have recommended charges be brought against individuals who were responsible for Miss Farrell’s safety.

Now her parents, Patrick and Caron Farrell, have written a detailed complaint to the Australian ombudsman outlining where they believe their daughter was let down.

“Both of these duty holders [the dive supervisor and instructor] owed Bethany a duty of care and both failed her,” they said.

“I do not think it is unreasonable for me to request a full and unambiguous reply, explaining what prevented the prosecution of Fiona McTavish and Steven Croucher for their respective failures, of what I see were their clear duties.

“I do not accept there is not proof or evidence of these failures.

“I believe the facts speak for themselves, these two duty holders, individually held very clear and documented sole responsibilities.”