SAILING boats, dinghies and cruisers took the the River Stour to celebrate water sports.

Stour Sailing Club in Manningtree hosted its own Push the Boat Out day giving landlubbers a chance to get out on the water for free.

It was part of the Royal Yachting Association’s national event held throughout May to encourage more people to take up water related sports.

Alexis Girard, from the Stour Sailing Club, said he was delighted with how the event went.

He said: “More than 100 people registered.

“I was very busy taking people on a dinghy myself.

“It was a nice atmosphere and the weather was absolutely lovely.

“We hold this every year and it was probably one of the best we’ve had.”

Alexis added he hoped the event would encourage more people to join the club.

He said: “The event is to show people how easy and fun sailing is, whether you are on a sailing boat, dinghy or other water sports.

“The people I took, there were two youngsters who were aged ten who had never been on the estuary before. It is magic for them.

“We are so lucky to have that unspoilt estuary.

“Sometimes people think it is

complicated to go sailing but there are very good clubs with the resources.”